Avalon History Center (215 39th Street)


The Avalon History Center, located just a few blocks north of the Dune and Beach Trail is the place to go to discover Avalon’s rich natural and cultural history. The History Center hosts programs and exhibits throughout the spring and summer showing Avalon’s diverse heritage.

Townsend Inlet- (8th Street and the Beach)

Townsend Inlet

Take a stroll by Townsend’s inlet and watch the crashing waves hit the rocks and walk out into the inlet on the jetty and see if you can spot any rare birds. This is a prime spot to catch migrating shorebirds flying down the coast between the months of September and December. Cast out a line and try to catch some fish while you enjoy the open ocean. Look for the barrier island northwest of Avalon, it is Sea Isle City!

Marion Armacost Park ( 71st Street and 74th Street and Ocean Drive)


Armacost Park is a small community park in the middle of 7 Mile Island with a playground, gazebo, and a ​public ​sidewalk around the ​perimeter of the ​small forest. If you are a bird watcher, this is a must see.

Avalon Bay Park (53rd Street and Ocean Drive)


The Avalon Bay Park has a boat ramp, dock, and a fishing pier. You can fish, crab, kayak or even relax on the pier and enjoy the bay and wetlands wildlife.

Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary (114th Street and 2nd Avenue, 115th Street and 3rd Avenue)


Visitors interested in continuing their exploration of Dune and Maritime ecosystems can also visit the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary, located at the address provided above. The Sanctuary trail explores a remnant maritime forest but also explores the island interior forests. The Sanctuary trail extends to the west through the center of 7-Mile Island nearly to the bay. (The Avalon Dune and Beach Trail extends east through the center of the island and out to the ocean.) A hike through both systems provides a unique view through the island’s natural ecosystems prior to development.

Stone Harbor Point and Hereford Inlet (122nd Street)


Take a relaxing walk along the beach at Stone Harbor Point. Keep your eyes peeled because it is a hotspot and key breeding area for rare shore birds like the American Oyster Catcher. See if you can spot the Hereford Inlet lighthouse across the way in North Wildwood! Hint: This one really looks like a house!

The Wetlands Institute (Stone Harbor Blvd)*


Explore Jersey’s back bays and estuaries and visit the Wetlands Institute. Take a guided tour down the marsh and learn about the important coastal ecosystem and the creatures that depend on it. It also features a touch tank, terrapin exhibit, and a small aquarium in addition to hosting many events. This activity is truly enjoyable for all ages and offers a new experience each and every time you visit.

*This activity is not actually on 7 Mile Island, but is right outside of Stone Harbor on Stone Harbor Boulevard.