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Trailhead Sign

The trailhead signs at 48th and 44th Streets along Dune Drive will provide you with some background information on the trail, the approximate location of the 8 signs found along the trail and directional guidelines for taking the 1.1 mile walk. You may access the trail from either 48th or 44thStreets along Dune […]

Trailhead Sign2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

The Disappearing Forest


Maritime forests once covered most of the shoreline along the Atlantic coast​. These forests have been widely depleted because beaches have become a popular destination. Dry sand, poor and sparse top soil, salt spray, and strong winds create a harsh environment for the forest to […]

The Disappearing Forest2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

What is a Barrier Island?



A barrier island is a landform typically consisting of long, narrow deposits of sand that run parallel to the coastline. The islands are usually arranged in chains with inlets separating them. The inlets connect […]

What is a Barrier Island?2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

More than Just a Pile of Sand


Avalon’s dune system is a natural beach ecosystem consisting of a foredune, primary, secondary​ and tertiary​ dunes. The dune system produces variable salt exposure to the plants in the dunes because of the different landforms that […]

More than Just a Pile of Sand2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

The Intertidal Buffet


Mole crab digging in the sand Mole crab digging in the sand

Although it is not obvious, there is an extremely intricate ecosystem that is centered right at the shoreline where the waves crash on the […]

The Intertidal Buffet2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

The Ever Changing Beach


Erosion on the ever changing beach Erosion on the ever changing beach

Avalon beaches are more than a summer destination, they are also an important ecologic resource for people and wildlife. There is one thing that […]

The Ever Changing Beach2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

All Sorts of Wildlife


A group of American Oystercatchers A group of American Oystercatchers

The Avalon Dune and Beach Trail is a home to all sorts of wildlife because it has many small ecosystems within a confined area. At different […]

All Sorts of Wildlife2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00

A Trio of Wetlands


The inter-dune wetland The Interdune Wetland

The Avalon Dune and Beach Trail is host to a variety of different wetlands. To the west side of the foredunes are interdune swales, where small wetlands form in the shallow, low-lying valleys between dunes. […]

A Trio of Wetlands2019-09-04T11:24:23-04:00
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